About Us

IDL is a manufacturer of dietary supplements with a specialized area in weight loss aids.  IDL has a combined industry experience of over 100 years in manufacturing and product development within the supplement industry. Although you may have not heard of IDL before, the parent company of IDL has been manufacturing and delivering results driven, quality supplements for many brands for 2 decades.

We know that there are many choices of brands to choose from when it comes to selecting products to help you achieve your fitness goals.  With a crowded market of brands fighting for your pocket book, we feel that if we stick to our core beliefs that customers will naturally choose IDL. Our company is built on a simple core foundation of quality, proven supplements, honesty and customer satisfaction.

IDL simply wants to produce products that will aid you in your fitness goals. We will continually strive to develop products that help you grow stronger, run faster, shed excess fat, achieve more and generally just improve your well-being.